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If you remember Robert James Waller’s iconic  book,
The Bridges of Madison County

If you remember the movie starring
Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep

If you have ever been in love

If you have ever loved and lost


this thing between us!

Read what people are saying about
this thing between us

“… a poetic masterpiece”
– Iowa State Daily

Another beautiful display of Iowa's natural and man-made wonders, "This Thing Between Us" is a part memoir, part photo collection inspired by the book "The Bridges of Madison County."
- Iowa City Press-Citizen

“This Thing Between Us” reveals Stellino’s personal story spanning 30 years, drawing parallels to the bestselling novel “The Bridges of Madison County” by Robert James Waller.
- Winterset Madisonian

In 1992 a book was published that became a best-selling sensation. It brought the covered bridges of Iowa’s Madison County into the hearts and minds of readers the world over, including Ben Stellino.
- The Oskaloosa Herald

Head out to Roseman Bridge to meet Ben Stellino from Ontario, Canada. Ben’s book this thing between us is inspired by Robert James Waller’s Bridges of Madison County.
- The Winterset Citizen

"Author Stellino pays tribute to The Bridges of Madison County in her debut book"
Beach Metro Community News

"Waller's 'Madison County' inspires a new book of photos and poetry"
Sioux City Journal

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